Shiding 石碇 & rock wall 月扇湖山

How to get there:

  • Shiding 石碇
  • by Car – park around river in Shiding, during weekend may be difficult find parking space near town
  • by bus 666 from Muzha MRT 捷運木柵站

Difficulty explanation:

  • All trails are unofficial, however they are not so overgrown and there are some new ropes (June 2019).
  • Entry to trail is between houses on Shiding road, it may be difficult to find (
  • First climb is very steep, but has many new ropes.
  • Right after first peak are steep and very technical sections, most of them with ropes.
  • Do not recommend go this course during the rain or after when it may be very muddy and slippery.
  • Never forget use GPS device with sufficient map and gpx tracks.

What is interesting:

  • Rocks and roots – very challenging section over first peak (石碇尖 Shí dìng jiān 345m)
  • Wutu Tunnel – just after 2km on trails (but after very technical ascent and descent) you will stand on saddle with option go right down closer to highway tunnel (gpx include this detour). Please be careful there.
  • tea farms – trail lead over tea farm over peak 旗子腳山 Qízi jiǎo shān 512m
  • 月扇湖山 Yuè shàn húshān 583m – after first decent you will reach road 北47-1鄉道 (you may extend exploration up to 大格門) or follow gpx on road to trail entry to 月扇湖山
  • Rock wall of 月扇湖山 (岩壁) – very cool place, carefully descent under peak and you will appear under long rock cliff which is few hundred meters long. It is safe under, just begging and end has exposed parts with ropes.
  • Coal mine (台松煤礦遺址) – take look to coal mine tunnel (24.9688,121.6576)
  • Shiding river 霧影虹橋 – follow course of Ultra Maokong 50 in Shiding river, it is most significant route in this area. In summer time is great for cool down. After rain some section of path may be under water.
  • Shiding 石碇 – tourist place with good option for snack
    • 豆腐花 Dòufu huā Tofu pudding- 王氏豆腐
    • Vegetarian deserts – just boost opposite side of pudding store (usually monk selling there)
    • Soybean milk home made – middle of street, selling in PET bottles
    • many others restaurants
    • Simple Mart, or High-Life close to bus station (

General recommendation

Trail running or hiking in Taiwan is more challenging and danger than in others countries. But with preparation and enough equipment may be fun. Please study well location where you plan to go and prepare gps device or two (we use smartphone with app which can download all Taiwan map offline 300Mb or Locus free which can also display your gpx course and way points. I also often upload course also to GPS watch, eg. Coros APEX)

Go alone has higher risk. If you decide go alone be double careful and inform your wife/friend where you are planning to go. Take enough food and water. You may use filter in some stream, but do not drink water from stream directly, especially under 2000 of altitude. Equip your self with phone, jacket, buff, gloves, etc. I can recommend take light jacket for any trip and waterproof jacket in winter season. Good trail shoes are must.

You usually no need worry about animals, include snakes. Wild 🐕 dogs may bark but they usually fine, house dogs 🐩 may be more aggressive. 🐒 🐗
Have fun out there!

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